The Kirby Morgan 37 Diving Helmet comes standard with the Quad-Valve™ exhaust system, which has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust while providing an extremely dry hat. –Kirby Morgan

The Kirby Morgan® 97 has the 455 all stainless steel regulators with superior breathing performance. The overall performance of this regulator is outstanding and sets a new performance standard for commercial diving helmets and band masks. –Kirby Morgan

Diving umbilicals are available for an array of application. Hoses are twisted with cables to provide all power, communications and video requirements.

Kirby-Morgan 2-Diver Air-Control-System-5 is a lightweight, portable control box for use in surface supplied air diving operations.

Twinlock Hyperbaric Chamber – Diver Decompression Chambers (DDC). All hyperbaric chambers are also fully IMCA compliant for offshore use.

Gas Quads. 16 cylinder DNV approved gas storage quads. These cylinder quads are made up of 16 x 50 litre cylinders giving a total gas storage capacity of 800 liters.

Portable scuba replacement system. Equipped with a stainless steel crash proof storage frame with 4 lifting points, 4 industrial cylinders and can be equipped with one of our control panels and or communication boxes.

Air Dive Launch and Recovery Systems The diver launch and recovery A-frame are manufactured to suit tough usage and harsh marine conditions through the use of certified material, and a durable marine-grade paint system. It comes with a man winch and hydraulic package.

The mobile MARINER 320 is designed for professional applications and includes a 4 stage construction, heavy duty industrial roller bearings and a block that has been designed for continuous operation.