Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSV)

We can provide AHTSVs which are designed for anchor handling and towing offshore platforms, barges and production modules and/or other vessels. They also perform ordinary supply services and may have additional equipment for fire fighting, oil recovery and rescue duties.

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

We can supply PSVs which are designed for transporting supplies and equipment to and from offshore installations. They can also be used to supply stores, drilling equipment, drilling bulks, fluids and pipes.

Multi-Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV)

Our Multi-functional vessels are designed to accommodate a range of offshore assets and equipment such as supply stores and drilling products and to support inspection, maintenance, repair, diving and construction activities.

Crew Boats

We also supply Crew boats which are designed for transferring personnel and limited cargo from shore to offshore installations and between offshore installations. We own and operate crew boats with wave piercer hulls, one of the latest innovations in vessel design, which facilitates a faster and smoother ride.

Dive Support Vessel

We are committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and client personnel based on board our diving support vessels. We will sustain safe, environmentally friendly operating practices that comply with applicable national and international codes and regulations, relevant standards, guidelines and client requirements.